In our November 2021 edition of Cascade Living, learn more about Thanksgiving hosting tips, fall decor ideas, beautiful fall porch ideas, best earth-tone paint colors recommended by the pros, and more.


How to Get Your Kitchen Organized for Thanksgiving Hosting

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be a time-consuming and messy endeavor, whether the feast is for 6 people or 16. An organized kitchen, however, can go a long way… READ MORE

Fall Decor Ideas To Turn Your Home Into An Autumn Oasis

As the seasons change, your decor can subtly shift, too. But transitioning your space for the fall season can be tricky: While it can be tempting and fun to consider kitschy autumn decor (hello pumpkins!), more thoughtful decorating choices will take your space to the next level. And even though many fall decorating ideas can be applied to other times of year, there is something special about cozy elements that counteract the crisp weather outside. READ MORE

Beyond-Beautiful Porch Ideas To Try This Fall

It’s amazing how a few leafy greens, some tartan touches, or a rich color palette can transform your porch into an outdoor oasis. That said, there’s a fine line between a porch that’s “seasonal” and one that’s just plain cheesy. To help bridge the gap, we’ve culled the web and ELLE DECOR’s own archives for more than 20 inspiring fall porch ideas—with any luck, these decorating tips will instantly elevate your outdoor space. READ MORE

What’s New In Art, Architecture & Design

The blending of art and science, multiplying primary bedroom suites, and the return of laid-back cottage-style interiors. READ MORE

Best Earth-Tone Paint Colors Recommended by the Pros

Bookmark these top nature-inspired shades for your next project.Earth-tone paint colors offer an ideal backdrop for furniture as well as a host of soul-soothing benefits. READ MORE

Cool Colors & Whimsical Patterns in this 1970s Home

One Iowa designer keeps things cool with a bright color scheme and loads of light and style. READ MORE