Did you know it’s the perfect time to plant your annuals in Bend, Oregon?

The frosty mornings are behind us and we are seeing warmer daytime temps. Planting flowers is one my favorites hobbies and my family will tell you that I get giddy when this time of year comes around.

I acquired my love for flowers at a young age watching my mom plant her annuals and create beautiful pots for our back deck. She taught me that planting pots shouldn’t be a chore – I think of it as a creative outlet and stress reliever. Every pot is a work of art so don’t worry about “perfect”, the finished product is in the eye of the beholder.

Here are 4 easy steps to creating beautiful planters :

Step 1 – shop for plants – go for multiple colors, a variety of flowers types and sizes (short and tall)

Step 2 – prepare your pots with good potting soil that will allow for healthy growth

Step 3 – plant (my favorite part!) – place them close to each other so your pots will be bountiful once the flowers are in full bloom

Step 4 – love on them by fertilizing them (I use Miracle Grow), watering them every other day (but don’t overwater), and dead head them as needed so new growth can occur

A few bonus pro-tips :

1 – the ideal time to plant is on a cloudy day as it protects seedlings from sun stress – give them time to settle into their new home. Another option is to plant them in the evening, which gives plants time to recover overnight.

2 – one of my favorite annuals are Impatients, but they are delicate and not a fan of full sun, so plant them in a shady area and let them bask in a little morning sun.

3 – plant Lavender – it’s a beautiful and colorful plant, has a lovely aroma, and attracts butterflies 🦋

4 – a “pop” of yellow is highly recommended – yellow brings happiness and optimism 😎☀️

5 – deer love to feed on many annual varieties, so if your pots are exposed to wildlife, either choose deer resistant plants from this list HERE or use natural deer spray found at your local nursery

If you’re looking to sell your home, adding flowers to your kitchen, yard, or outside living space, should be on your list of ways to beautify your home.

Reach out with any questions – I absolutely love helping clients, friends, and family with their garden projects throughout the year.

P: 541-390-2009 or E: molly.renner@cascadesir.com

Happy planting! 🌼